Cultural Whiskers: How Black Cats Purr-ceived Differently Around The World

Black cats hold cultural significance and evoke various perceptions in different countries. Here is a general overview of how black cats are perceived in Japan, Egypt, England, Scotland, USA, Canada and Ukraine.

Daisy Blue

10/21/20233 min read

tuxedo cat with red ribbon
tuxedo cat with red ribbon

Black cats hold cultural significance and evoke various perceptions in different countries. Here is a general overview of how black cats are perceived in Japan, Egypt, England, Scotland, USA, and Canada:

1. Japan: Black cats are considered good luck in Japanese folklore. They are associated with the "Maneki-neko" or beckoning cat figurine that symbolises prosperity and fortune. In Japan, owning or encountering a black cat is often seen as a positive omen.

2. Egypt: Black cats were highly revered and worshipped in ancient Egypt. They were associated with the goddess Bastet, who protected the pharaoh and brought good fortune to households. Even today, black cats are considered to bring luck in Egyptian culture, with people believing that crossing their path brings good omens.

3. England: In England, the perception of black cats largely depends on superstitions. Historically, black cats were seen as witches' companions believed to possess supernatural powers. However, there are also positive associations, with black cats symbolising good luck in Scottish folklore.

4. Scotland: In Scottish folklore, a black cat appearing on your doorstep is believed to bring prosperity. However, if it leaves the house, the fortune will depart as well. Symbols of black cats are often used as lucky charms during Scottish weddings.

5. USA: Black cats have encountered some superstitions and mixed perceptions in the USA. While some consider them bad luck, particularly if they cross your path, others view them as symbols of protection and good fortune. Black cats are frequently associated with Halloween and are seen as iconic representatives of the spooky holiday.

6. Canada: Black cats are generally perceived similarly to the USA due to their shared cultural influences. Some Canadians view black cats as associated with folklore legends, symbols of witchcraft, or bad luck. However, positive views also exist, with black cats being regarded as loving companions or bringers of good luck.

7. In Ukraine, black cats are generally associated with superstitions and folklore. They are often considered unlucky and are believed to bring bad luck if they cross one's path. Despite these superstitions, the younger generation in Ukraine views black cats as symbols of mystery, elegance, and beauty. They may appreciate their unique appearance and find them to be charming creatures. These individuals are more likely to disregard the superstitions surrounding black cats and appreciate them for their individual personalities and traits.

Welcoming a black cat in your home? Let's give it a beautiful name!

Black cats are sleek and mysterious and have an air of elegance that's simply irresistible. Despite the superstitious beliefs surrounding black cats, they are actually considered to be symbols of good luck in many cultures. Black cats are known for their mysterious and elegant appearance, making them an ideal addition to any family.

Now comes the fun part - finding the perfect name that suits your feline friend's personality. Whether you want to emphasise their mysterious nature or celebrate their mesmerising charm, I've made a fabulous list of names for your new black cat:

Here are 20 names to name your black cat:

  1. Midnight

  2. Shadow

  3. Ebony

  4. Onyx

  5. Luna :)

  6. Salem

  7. Panther

  8. Jet

  9. Raven

  10. Coco

  1. Sooty

  2. Ash

  3. Smoky

  4. Velvet

  5. Noir

  6. Coal

  7. Storm

  8. Obsidian

  9. Ember

  10. Licorice


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a mug with a black cat and a pumpkin
a mug with a black cat and a pumpkin